Funko Pop Games - Mass Effect Andromeda  - Jaal #190

Funko Pop Games - Mass Effect Andromeda - Jaal #190

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Jaal Ama Darav is a native of the Andromeda galaxy. At some point after the arrival of the Andromeda Initiative in their corner of the universe, Jaal joins forces with the human Pathfinder Ryder and their team.

Jaal comes from a famous angara family and is a high-ranking member of the angara resistance against the kett. He joins Ryder's team as an observer for the Resistance because the angara are wary of the intentions of new species after the kett invaded the Heleus Cluster.[3]

Jaal is a potential romantic interest for a Ryder of either gender.

Stands about 9cm tall and comes packaged in a window box.