Funko Pop Games - Mass Effect Andromeda  - Peebee #189

Funko Pop Games - Mass Effect Andromeda - Peebee #189

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Pelessaria B'Sayle, nicknamed Peebee, is an asari member of Ryder's squad. She is young for an asari, giving her age as "100 and change."

A lone wolf and adventurer at heart, she originally came to Andromeda aboard the Nexus but quickly left and went adventuring on her own before encountering Ryder's team. Intelligent but socially blunt, she decides to join them simply as a means to finding out more about the galaxy's mysteries.[1]

Psychologically, Peebee demonstrates both extremely high intelligence and hyper-individualism. Her restlessness is typical of many asari in their Maiden phase of life, though few go so far as to visit another galaxy.

Peebee is a potential romantic interest for a Ryder of either gender

Stands about 9cm tall and comes packaged in a window box.