Funko Pop Games - Halo - Spartan Mark VII #15
Funko Pop Games - Halo - Spartan Mark VII #15
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Funko Pop Games - Halo - Spartan Mark VII #15

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The original design of the Mk. VII was still technologically superior compared to the Mk. VI, but it was not designed with the user in mind. The plates were fitted too tightly, requiring a second person to aid in the donning and removal of armour.

In 2565, with the imminent deployment of Delta Company, the armour received an overhaul by Doctor Catherine Halsey. The plates are now fitted so that the Spartan can put the armour on and take it off on their own (although it is still faster with a helper), and there is the addition of various sensory components and gauntlet knives, as Halsey realized that the Spartans would need to be able to stand up to Jiralhanae warriors in melee combat. She also added an active camouflage generator, which increases the weight of the suit but gives a Spartan an even greater advantage on the battlefield.

Stands about 9cm tall and comes packaged in a window box.